NZNO nurses strike complete 

Strike action by nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who belong to the New Zealand Nurses Union (NZNO) is now complete.

We'd like to thank our patients, whānau and community for your patience and understanding during the strike, and to all our people who worked as a team to provide safe care throughout the day.

Our nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants are a highly valued part of our workforce, committed to caring for our patients. We respect their right to take industrial action, and know the decision to strike is a very difficult one.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which services will continue to operate at Auckland DHB during the NZNO nurses strike? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    We will continue to provide all our emergency services. That means the adult and children’s emergency departments at Auckland City Hospital and Starship Hospital will continue to operate. All our adult and children’s intensive care units will be operating, as well as our maternity services, acute mental health services, and the other services providing emergency care such as operating theatres.

    We’ll also be able to carry out what are called essential services. This means where a delay in treatment might risk or cause permanent damage to someone’s health. There are too many services to list, but they include some surgery, cancer treatments, dialysis, and emergency eye treatments that we provide at Greenlane Clinical Centre, Auckland City Hospital and Starship.

    If you have an appointment on Wednesday 9 June and you have not heard from us please come in for your appointment.


  • Which services will be reduced during the strike? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    On Wednesday 9 June we will reduce some inpatient and outpatient appointments, surgery and treatments that can be safely rescheduled. This is important because the team at Auckland DHB will need to focus on safely caring for patients who need emergency or essential services.

    We have begun contacting patients and the parents or guardians of patients whose appointments can be safely rescheduled. Thank you to everyone whose appointment has been rescheduled for your understanding and patience.


  • Who will provide nursing care during the strike? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    All the people needed to provide safe care for patients who need emergency or essential services will be working during the strike. All doctors and other staff will come to work as normal, some nurses who are not NZNO members will also be working. There will also be a group of NZNO nurses who the union will arrange to work during the strike. These nurses will provide the specialist skills that are needed for emergency and essential services.

    During the strike nurses will not perform some non-essential duties. These include things like bed making, patient hygiene, answering patient bells, and administration. We will have some volunteers helping out on the wards.

    Patients in hospital may wait longer than usual for non-essential things. The important thing you need to know is that everyone needing emergency or essential care will get the help they need.


  • How can I help support a friend or whānau who is in hospital during the strike? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Friends and family members can play an important role during the strike. With hospital staff focussed on emergency and essential services, there will be delays with some routine tasks. We suggest you consider staggering visits to your loved one so they have companionship throughout the day. If you have a friend or family member in hospital on the day of the strike the charge nurse will talk to you about what to expect and how you can help.


  • What should I do if I have an appointment on the day of the strike? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    You should still come to your scheduled appointment UNLESS you have been contacted directly by one or our hospital team to reschedule you’re appointment. All the people needed to complete your procedure safely and to care for you will be here during this time. Your safety is our priority.


  • What to do if I need medical attention during the strike? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    If your condition is not urgent or severe, phone Healthline for free medical advice on 0800 611 116 or contact your GP.  If you need urgent medical attention, do not hesitate to call 111 immediately. We are here if you need us.


  • Is there any special advice for Starship patients? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    If your child is a Starship patient and needs medical attention during the strike, it’s a good idea to call your regular Starship contact if you have one. Otherwise contact your child’s GP or Healthline. If your child needs urgent or emergency care do not hesitate to call 111.


  • How will the strike affect maternity services? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    We will continue to provide emergency and essential maternity services during the strike. The safety of our mums and babies is our priority. If you are pregnant and have questions or concerns, talk to your Lead Maternity Carer.  


  • Does the strike affect Aged Residential Care facilities or GPs? Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Aged Residential Care facilities and GP services are not affected by the strike. Hospice will also operate as normal, and the St John Ambulance service is not affected.